Have you joined the Summer Adventure yet? So far, the adult team has trekked 1,572 miles on our virtual road trip, and the kids are at 1,010 miles.

On our path, we’ve seen Fort Snelling in Minnesota, the Ashfall Fossil Beds in Nebraska, Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, and Fort Union Trading Post in North Dakota. The goal for both teams is 13,699 miles, crossing the entire lower 48 states and visiting 50 landmarks.

Help out your team! Kids can earn miles for their team: 1 mile for every 15 minutes of time reading, and 1 mile for every 15 minutes of active outdoor time. Adults earn 1 mile for every 15 minutes of active movement (walking, biking, gardening, etc) and 10 miles per book read. Plus both teams can earn bonus miles for visiting state and national parks. Download reading logs from our site or pick them up at the library.