Take our survey! The Dodge Center Library has received a grant to help make the library more welcoming for neurodivergent people. We are planning on purchasing items and funding activities to make the library a more comfortable place to be and our activities easier to participate in.

We are looking for input from people who identify as neurodivergent or those who care for or work with those who are neurodivergent. Please take our survey to help identify needs at the library.

We will also be hosting a community conversation on Tuesday July 18 at 6PM.  Please join us for a tour of the library and have a small group discussion on how the library can become more welcoming for neurodivergent children and adults. All ages are welcome, and snacks will be provided.

Neurodivergent is someone whose brain processes, learns, or behaves differently from what is typical. Diagnoses such as the autism spectrum, ADHD, OCD, or dyslexia are all considered to be neurodivergent.