Author Natalie Warren will be at the library May 24 at 6:00pm to talk about her book Hudson Bay Bound.

Grab a paddle and join Natalie Warren on her journey to become one of the first two women to paddle over 2,000 miles from Minneapolis to Hudson Bay.
This talk goes beyond day-to-day life on trail – wildlife encounters, fierce weather, struggles in an enduring friendship, a furry addition to the expedition team, and a polar bear sighting – to ponder how we come to know and care for places threatened by rapidly changing physical, social, and cultural landscapes.
Through music, storytelling, and poetry, Natalie inspires listeners to consider: What can water teach us about interconnectivity? As harmful repercussions of human actions are unveiled, what can water show us about resilience, reciprocity, and hope? Get excited for your next adventure with a desire to feel, know, and breathe in the complex world around you.
All events at the library are FREE and open to everyone.